The Little Corroboree Frog - Picture Book - Paperback

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The Little Corroborree Frog is a wonderful children’s story that gently introduces the serious plight of one of Australia’s most endangered species. Jet the corroboree frog is happily taking care of the tadpole ponds when the water starts to dry up and his family’s eggs are threatened. He goes to visit Grandmother Frog to find out why and she tells him all about the summers that are getting hotter every year and the careless humans who are leaving their rubbish around.

When a boy and his father arrive to go fishing in the nearby river, Jet seizes the opportunity to show them how humans are threatening the very existence of his species.

About the Author

Tracey Holton-Ramirez is an descendant from the Ngarluma and Yindibarndi people of the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Tracey is a sister of Angela Ramirez and is passionate about raising awareness of endangered Australian species.

Age: 5-9 Years

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