Holztiger Wooden Toys

For many years now, the HOLZTIGER figures have stood for play value and very high quality "Made in Europe". They are individually handcrafted out of maple and beech wood and painted using watercolours.

Wooden Toys safe for children

All surfaces and edges are sanded to a very smooth finish, then hand-painted with nontoxic, water based paints and sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer making the figure resistant to perspiration and saliva.

Create a playful farm in your home

The foal figure never goes far without it's mother so if you have one, you need the other. Dappled Foal is a smaller version of the Dappled Horse with all of the same stunning features.
Tactile and hand crafted, unbraided rope tail and unique colourings, a great addition to the farm range. 
Or add to your flock of sheep with the Holztiger lamb. A smaller version of the sheep but no less adorable or necessary on a farm!
A farm needs a farmer! We have male and female adult farmers, and boy and girl children farmers too. 
AGE 3+

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