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Online Toy Store: Janod and Corolle Two Spectacular French Toy Companies

Sometimes the Europeans just do it better. The French have an enviable history of toy making. French companies like Corolle and Janod have an illustrious history of making toys and dolls that are superbly crafted and appear more to be artisans than toy makers. When a company makes toys that go on to be collectors’ items, you know you can trust them. Here’s an insight into why these two French toy makers have become the best in the business, and why we at toys2learn stock them.


 Janod Toys

Mass production and cost cutting must be foreign concepts to this esteemed toy maker. Known for high quality, Janod Toys is based in Senay in Eastern France. It is located next to the forest of Jura, where it gets the wood for its manufacturing process.

Their ranges include role playing toys, learning toys, building sets and toy caves. The traditional wooden toys are extremely well made with love, care and attention to detail. Amongst this year’s favourites are traditional wooden cars, castle playsets, farmyard playsets, planes, wooden guitars and other instruments. Janod Toys also offer educational board games that stimulate cognitive development and creativity, as well as fun family time.

 Janod Toys even has a boutique collection of extremely high quality toys and games. Wooden toys are a constant favourite with Janod and this beautiful French brand is much loved the world over for their stunning toys and games that bring a traditional and timeless element into your children’s playtime.

 Corolle Dolls

Only in France could a doll maker be held in the same regard as a watchmaker or fashion house. Corolle Dolls are the equivalent of Chanel handbag or Patek Philippe watch. Based in the fairy-tale setting of France’s Loire valley, Corolle Dolls has been making the highest quality dolls for over 3 decades. Corolle Dolls are designed to be as lifelike as possible with brushable and even washable hair. They are designed to be anatomically correct and even with a natural baby scent. Whilst many Corolle Dolls go on to be collectors’ items, they are designed to used, played with and loved.

 With a range of different Corolle Dolls available from birth to 4years +, there is a doll that is right for every stage of your little’s girls childhood. This year’s collection includes some fantastic dolls including the Les Cheries range for girls aged 4 and up. Check out the Cara Christmas Tales dolls, a beautiful 36cm Corolle Doll with long brown brushable hair and cute outfit. Also check out our fantastic Horse Rider Set, which will really capture the imagination of your little girl.

 Corolle Dolls also make a superb range of strollers, prams and other accessories to enhance the experience. Browse our site and see what Corolle Dolls appeal to you. They really are pieces of art and crafted with love, care and attention to detail which is why we are proud to stock and sell them to the Australian market.

Wooden and Educational Toys Enjoy Rebirth and Here’s why

Wooden and Educational toys are re-entering our consciousness even as technological advancements continue to race forward. Despite a world in which electronic devices like tablets, smartphones and video games are a normal part of childhood, wooden toys are becoming more and more popular. Why are wooden toys and other classic toys like Playmobil enjoying a renaissance?

Why Would a Child Play with a Wooden Toy Instead of an I-pad?

Whilst we have concerns for the generation brought up on iPads, we can understand why they are so popular. They are engaging, intuitive and offer a huge range of media with just a few clicks or swipes. With that in mind, it seems a little strange that wooden toys are making a comeback, especially when they seem very old fashioned and antiquated in today’s digitally charged world. On 2015’s Toy Retailers’ Association Christmas list, there were two traditional wooden toys, Shopkins Assorted Collectibles and Pie Face indicating a real shift in how we view playtime for our kids. Other traditional toys and games are also enjoying a major resurgence, with trivial pursuit, Playmobil and jigsaws seeing increased sales.

Nostalgia Trip or Something More?

Part of the reason for this increase in popularity is parents and grandparents buying their children the toys of their own childhood. Perhaps they want their children to enjoy toys that are simpler, safer and more wholesome than electronic gadgets. Wooden toys are also being enjoyed for their construction quality. There is something attractive about a well-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzle, wooden toy horse, wooden xylophone or dominoes set. They are like artisanal pieces that are valued for the way the way they are made, the way they feel in your hand, just as much as the playtime they facilitate.  Strangely enough, the more we advance into the digital age, we more reclaim traditional ways of doing things – not out of necessity but for the sheer joy of it. We find joy in well-crafted items like wooden toys made with love, effort and that are built to last. As our world becomes more transient and less permanent, we return to old favourites that endure. This applies especially to wooden toys by the likes of Orchard Games and old favourites like Lego, Scalextric and Playmobil.

More and more parents are choosing to buy quality wooden toys as well as high quality games form the likes of Orchard Games because they facilitate fun family time. Video games and tablets do not encourage families to spend time together, but traditional games like trivial pursuit, monopoly, and fun educational board games from Orchard Games do.

Educational Toys and Games Pick up Pace

Educational toys and games are becoming more sophisticated with games being increasingly designed for specific areas of a child’s development, including cognitive, motor, communication, empathy etc. A lot of these toys and games made by manufacturers like Orchard Games are wooden toys.

Parents are becoming more aware of how they can help children with their personal development from a young age. Perhaps they are also aware that a childhood of iPads and video games isn’t particularly healthy and that a return to more traditional playtimes is a positive step towards a more balanced upbringing.

Best Toys for 2016 - Online Toy Store Australia

What are the must have toys and games for kids in 2016? They include the latest board games and beautifully crafted dolls.

Corolle Dolls

Corolle Dolls are not like ordinary dolls. Made in France, these dolls form part of a rich and enduring legacy of craftsmanship and design. They are anatomically correct, meaning that they are designed to be as realistic as possible. They are even vanilla scented, making Corolle dolls a favourite for little girls. Available in different outfits, hairstyles, colours and ethnicities, they are highly personalised and there is a perfect doll for every little girl. The hair is brushable and the dolls are ready to be dressed as you like. They are specially designed to be soft and huggable. You can choose your doll’s age as well, from baby to trendy teenage girl.

Corolle Dolls are vinyl made and clothing can be bought for your child’s Corolle Doll which means she can have lots of fun choosing different outfits. Pushchairs and other accessories are also available. Some Corolle Dolls also speak! These dolls really are a work of art. Check out our full range here.

Gotz Dolls

Gotz has been making high quality dolls for over 60 years. Gotz Dolls are known for being very lifelike. These German made dolls are well-constructed and come in a variety of ages, ethnicities and styles. They are ready to be dressed up and down and personalised with a range of different clothing. Gotz dolls are a firm favourite with children, as well as adults. Gotz dolls specialise in handcrafted artistic dolls that are real collector’s items, such is the artisanal streak that runs through this esteemed company.

Gotz Dolls that we sell are perfect for playing with though, and little girls love the realistic design and wide range of options available. With most Gotz Dolls standing at 18”, there are cute baby dolls available as well as trendy girl dolls with stylable hair. The hair can even be washed, dried and curled (supervision is advised when drying with hairdryer.) With strong and supple moveable parts, Gotz Dolls can be put into any position. See our full range of Gotz Dolls here

Orchard Games

Orchard Games offer a great range of games and toys for all ages. They specialise in games that have an emphasis on learning. They are known for their jigsaws that are fun and safe to use for small children. They have themes that allow children to learn, like telling the time, going shopping at the supermarket and different kinds of animals. Orchard Games are also famous for their wide range of colouring books that inspire kids’ creative sides.

New products for 2016 include books that teach children the alphabet and help children with writing their first words. Orchard Games also offer a wide range of French games which are perfect if you want to give your child a head start in learning a foreign language. Remember that kids absorb language like a sponge so these French games are a great idea. 

Kids Educational Toys

We all want to encourage our kids to play and have fun. But something we don’t always consider is if their play time is educational. For small children learning is crucial, and it should be a component of all play times. Learning new concepts, words and developing hand eye coordination and cognitive ability can all be part of play time. All you need is the right toys and games. Here are some great ideas to get your little ones on the right track. You can trust that that they are both fun and educational.

Playmobil is a much loved Classic

Playmobil is a much loved classic game. It is like Lego but Playmobil has pieces that are larger. They come in a great range of different sets and themes. This year’s range includes a farm set complete with tractors, silos, barns, cows, sheep, pigs and more. Put all the pieces together and build your own farm!  It is a great way for children to learn how to put things together and it also inspires their creativity. The pieces are interchangeable, meaning that you can take pieces form one Playmobil get and use them another.

Other Play Mobil sets include the Catamaran set. Your child can put together a catamaran, complete with sails and dolphins. Playmobil is great for kids playing by themselves, with friends or with Mum and Dad! Ideal for boys and girls, it is also suitable for a wide age range. Like Lego, some people never grow out of it!


 Janod Wooden Toys

Some of the best toys are the oldest. Wooden toys are making a big comeback and Janod toys are leading the way with some fantastic high quality toys and games. This is a French company with a long history of making traditional wooden toys. These toys are very well built and this year’s range offers a lot for the young budding musicians out there. Check out the Janod Confetti Accordion, Janod Confetti Drum and Janod Confetti Harmonica. These top quality instruments are built to last and will inspire you child’s musical creativity. They even offer guitars, ukuleles, xylophones tambourines and more. Check out Janod’s fantastic range of musical toys here. Mum and Dad can play along too!

For Boys and Girls

With Janod toys, it’s not just about music though. Their strong and sturdy wooden toys include gardening sets, cooking sets, firetrucks, DIY trolleys, workbenches and jigsaws. If all of that sounds a bit too boyish, then check out Janod Toys range of girls and unisex magnetic books. Janod’s magnetic books inspire kids’ creativity and gets them designing with magnets. Each magnetic book has its own theme, including Mosaic Flower, Funny Faces, Fashion, Seasons, Vehicles, Robots, Dinosaurs, Alphabet and more. Thanks to Janod Toys, children can hone their artistic skills in a fun way. Check out these awesome magnetic books here.

Janod Toys

 Why do we Stock Janod and Playmobil?

We stock these great brands because they are great fun to play with and help develop a child’s hand eye coordination, cognitive ability and inspire creativity and self-expression. Both Playmobil toys and Janod’s wooden toys are superb quality and are built to last, which can’t be said of many toy manufacturers these day.


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