Wooden Toys

Here at Toys2Learn we love how wooden toys can be played in so many different ways and put children in the driving seat of their own play and learning. 

We are happy to offer a range of toys for all ages and abilities.

Learn about our wooden toys

Wooden toys are making a come back and are now becoming the preferred toy for babies, toddlers and kids. There is good reason too, Wooden toys are environmentally friendly, skillfully crafted and help babies, toddlers and children connect to the natural world from which they are a part of and are sensory for further exploration and learning.

We all have found memories from our childhood and many favourite toys. Wooden toys spark those memories and are often the treasured toys treasured and passed on down the generations. 

The benefits of wooden toys for kids

Wooden Toys spark imagination, creativity and allows children to play and learn in an open ended concept. They allow children to create their own play, develop language skills through making and imitating their own sounds and voices. Babies and kids are able to develop creativity skills, imaginative skills, critical thinking motor skills whilst playing for hours on end happily engaged. 

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