Sushi Draft Game

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     Sushi Draft by Blue Orange Games

    Five deluxe sushi rolls are on the menu, but you will need to pick your rolls strategically if you want to eat your way to victory. Each turn, you will pick one sushi to eat, one to keep, and then pass the rest to the player next to you. Earn points by eating more of one type of sushi than your opponents, or earn dessert (more points!) for the most variety on your plate. Sushi Draft is quick to learn and fun for the whole family, and is the perfect introduction to the classic genre of pick-and-pass/card-drafting games!


    Visual Perception
    Focus & Attention
    Processing Speed
    Problem Solving
    Social Play


    32 Sushi Cards
    18 Chips
    Illustrated Rules

    Players:  3-5

    AGE 8 - 99 years

    Product Number: BOG600