SMART GAMES Road Block - Single Player

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    A fugitive in a suspected stolen red sports car is heading east towards the city centre. He is thought to be armed and dangerous and he is refusing to stop. In RoadBlock, you are the chief inspector! It’s your job to coordinate your squad of officers and get their patrol cars to zero in on the suspect, block his escape and arrest him!

    • Choose a challenge. Position the red car and the building pieces on the gameboard to match the starting layout shown on the card. 

    • Carefully position the 6 police car pieces on the gameboard to block in the stolen red car so it cannot escape. 

    • You have to place all police car pieces on the gameboard, even when they are not all needed to block in the red car.

    • no batteries required, works on brain cells
    • Challenges:  80
    • Players: single
    • Age:  6 - adult
    Product Number: SG250