SCRUTINY It's All About Me Board Game

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The hilarious board game that puts you in the spotlight

How well do you know your friends and your family, and how well do they know you?  Find out in this hilarious all-play board game that will have you laughing out loud with every game you play!

Scrutiny – It’s All About Me sees players taking turns to be put in a scenario where there are three possible outcomes.  The player in the spotlight has to choose which of the three outcomes best relates to them.  All other players then have to guess the outcome they choose 

Every turn sees a new challenge, and with 6,000 possible scenario outcomes, Scrutiny – It’s All About Me is a different game every time you play it. 

In the Personal Challenge, would you give away any of your winning lottery millions, or keep it all for yourself? 

In the Integrity Challenge, would you really park in that disable car space, even if it was just for a minute? 

In the Celebrity Challenge, which of three celebrities would you choose to be stuck in a lift with, invite to your dinner party or crash your party?




Game board

230 challenge cards

20 celebrity cards

6 coloured playing pieces

18 numbered tokens

1 coloured dice 1 numbered dice

Rules sheet

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