HOLZTIGER- Dinosaur - Staurikosaurus

HOLZTIGER- Dinosaur - Staurikosaurus

HOLZTIGER- Dinosaur - Staurikosaurus

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One of the most recognisable of dinosaurs, the herbivorous Triceratops, which literally means 3 horned face, had a large frill, muscular body and shared similar features with the rhinoceros. It was one of the last dinosaurs to become extinct and Holztiger have ensured his place in history by immortalising him in their wooden dinosaur range. Handcrafted and each unique to the other, the Holztiger figures are a joy to play with, a great gift and an even better heirloom.

All Holztiger products are made in Europe from hardwood. All surfaces and edges are sanded to a very smooth finish, then hand-painted with nontoxic, waterbased paints and sealed with a nontoxic water lacquer making the figure resistant to perspiration and saliva.
AGE 3+

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