HABA Ball Track - Sim Sala - Large Ball Run

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Sim Sala Ball Track is the perfect place to start your Haba ball track collection! Loaded with features, it compliments the entire Rollerby range and adds an element of surprise! You can configure the 45 pieces any way you like and be assured the clever-click system will keep all your pieces in place. Steep ball curves accelerate the ball to super-duper speed, different heights give maximum momentum and the jingle stair and bell add a touch of music. Watch the ball knock down the dominoes when it gets to the end and then pop them back up and do it all over again! 

Sim Sala includes an archway with bell, a wavy curve, 2 steep curves, 1 jingle stair, 1 curve, 2 straight tracks, 1 ramp, 7 columns, 13 connections, 1 start block, 5 domino blocks, 1 Paul ball, 1 effect ball and 1 normal ball. Plenty to get you going!

All Haba Ball Tracks and Car Tracks are interchangeable.

Made in Germany

Dimensions: 46.6cm x 44.2cm x 12.8cm

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AGE 2+

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