HABA Ball Track - Funnel Set - Marble Run - wooden

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Flexible in its design thanks to the tube clamps, you can set up the Ball Track Funnel Set with the speed tubes and funnel to maximise speed and really get those balls rolling! Complete your own physics experiments with speed and force and with the power pulsing track, watch as moving marbles transmit their force to the awaiting marbles and notice the flow on effect. In the big speed circle, see the marbles get faster and faster the more laps they make before finally dropping through the hole to run down the track and set off the dominoes.

This massive set includes 4 funnel curves with funnel, connectors and tube clamps, 1 speed tube with connectors and tube clamps, 1 big speed circle, 1 power pulser track, 1 speed snake track, 1 sound block, 1 pillar with base, 2 ramps, 14 rectangular blocks, 4 square blocks, 5 dominoes, 6 building block clamps and 6 marbles.

AGE 3+


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