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Bananagrams is great fun.

The game consists of 144 lettered tiles  that are placed face down on the playing surface. The same number of tiles is drawn by each player, and at any player's call of "Split!", all players turn over their tiles to reveal the lettered sides. Each player begins arranging the letters to form words, which must be connected in intersecting or interlocking manner  When a player uses up all of their tiles, they call out "Peel!," and each player must draw a new tile from the pool of remaining tiles, called the "bunch." 

If at any time during play, a player has a letter or letters that he or she does not wish to fit into their word arrangement, that player can announce "Dump!" and exchange any letter for three tiles from the "bunch".

With no turns - everyone makes works from their tiles for the whole game. An ideal game for travel and holidays.

AGE: 7+

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