COROLLE - MON PREMIER Calin Doll Maria - 30cm

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Beautiful first doll, vanilla scented with beanbag body, she is soft and cuddly. 30cm

Bébé Calin Mila is a little 30cm  baby doll that is just the right size for a child’s little arms and hands to play with.

Its soft body allows it to take on the same positions as a real baby.
The doll's face, arms and legs are made of delicately vanilla-scented, soft-touch vinyl.  With its sleeping eyes, it falls asleep when put down on its back.

It is dressed in pajamas and is wearing a headband.
It has its own special mon premier poupon Corolle clothes and accessories, so that even little ones can have early nurturing time.

AGE :18 Months +

Product Number: 100300