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Stem toys are basically those toys which enhance a child's learning in different educational curriculum’s. Stem toys stands for the toys which facilitates a child's learning process in fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. They are nothing but a portrayal of an object which depicts the different useful aspects of scientific nature.

Toys are something which are always inseparable from a child. At an early age toys can either prove to be a blessing or the reason for inappropriate behaviours of children. So in the initial childhood stages being a parent it’s very important to do proper selection of toys for your kids. Toys2learn provides an amazing platform regarding the same.

Use of Stem toys:

At toys2learn we promote the use of stem toys to encourage the various creative and scientific skills of a child. Every child today is born with a special talent and skill. Being a parent it’s our utmost duty to bring out the child’s best skills. At the same time fostering his overall development and mental growth.

Stem toys acts as guiding aid in a child's mental and physical development. A child can either become an Einstein or Graham Bell, what makes a difference is how we as a parent believe in a child's capabilities. Stem toys can include toys such as robotic games, mental puzzle games, engineering blocks games etc. Such games not only attract the interests of a child but also gives them a sense of motivation. Thus boost up their confidence in studies as well.

Thus to conclude we can say that stem toys not only is a good opportunity to brush up a child's skillset but also a great source of entertainment. Children love to play with toys which not only helps them grow but also provides a sense of learning and accomplishment. Hence instead of buying simple useless toys, focus on buying stem toys to help your children become engineers of tomorrow.

How STEM Toys Help Toddlers and Kids in Australia and Where to Look for STEM Toys

STEM toys are toys that fall into one of four categories: science, technology, engineering, and math. Some toys cover multiple categories for additional benefits. In general, any toy that teaches or encourages one of these critical areas can be considered a STEM toy. STEM toys are wonderful because there’s no better way to learn than while having fun!

  • Science toys: The “S” in STEM stands for science, and many cool science toys can teach children everything from space and weather to dinosaurs and much more. Science and chemistry kits are available for kids of all ages and teach a variety of concepts.
  • Technology toys: STEM toys include technology toys – tablets, robots, watches, and many other devices. Many of these “toys” allow kids to play educational games and download learning apps. As technology has become essential in today’s world, it’s important to give kids the opportunity to become familiar with it.
  • Engineering toys: Engineering toys include those with a focus on building and construction such as building sets and toy tools. Engineering toys provide ample opportunity for using imagination and developing thinking and motor skills.
  • Math toys: This category of STEM toys is unique in that it is probably the one with the most overlap. For example, construction toys are often also math toys when you incorporate concepts such as counting and adding into playtime. Math toys also include those such as number games and play money.

Why STEM toys for kids are important

These days, it’s all too easy to rely on screens and devices for entertainment and education. STEM toys offer a valuable alternative, one that allows kids to learn what they need to know while having a blast playing. The things STEM toys can teach include cognitive development, problem-solving, teamwork, cooperation, overcoming challenges, and patience – all important now and in the future as your child grows.

Where to find STEM for toddlers in Australia

Are you looking for STEM toys in Australia? Look no further than toys2learn. With a wide range of educational toys for toddlers and older kids, we love helping make it easier for parents to find fun toys their kids will love that also teach vital skills and concepts. We have one physical location in Marryatville, and all our great products are also available online to make shopping as convenient as possible.

STEM toys are especially helpful for children with special needs, helping them develop the skills they need while they have so much fun they won’t even realise they’re learning. We can handle individual orders as well as bulk orders for schools and provide friendly, professional service to every customer.

Give your child the best possible head-start with a variety of sensory toys and STEM toys designed to help them live up to their highest potential.We have many toys for a range of ages, so have a look and see all the ways we can help your child learn through play.

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