Teaching Early Math Skills and Where to Buy Numeracy and Literacy Games and Toys

Math is one of the fundamental concepts children need to master, along with literacy. These subjects are of paramount importance as kids grow, and yet math is often overlooked when it comes to choosing toys for young children. However, teaching numeracy at an early age is essential.

For one thing, mastery of math skills can help when it comes to the development of future math achievement and even reading skills. Children who get a head-start in math and learn the basics through useful math toys are prepared for a lifetime of academic achievement in a range of subjects. Building more advanced math skills later depends on a solid foundation of basic skills, even in children with special needs.

Although it may seem that young children aren’t ready to learn math, it can be taught at quite an early age. Toddlers, for example, may not be ready for addition and subtraction, but they can begin to grasp the concept of numbers and counting. These precursors to later math skills can help set the stage for successful learning throughout your child’s academic life.

How you can encourage your child’s understanding of mathematical concepts

Parents can help children learn by providing math toys and numeracy games that make education fun. As with reading and writing, it’s best to introduce basic math skills as early as possible. The better your child understands early math skills, the better off they will be when it comes to developing more advanced skills later. You can help your child understand numbers better by:

  • Providing number-related toys such as blocks that encourage the development of concepts such as numbers and counting
  • Offering fun and educational books and videos designed to teach numeracy
  • Making sure to spend time on simple activities such as counting and adding just as you spend time reading to develop literacy skills

Early numeracy is just as essential as reading and writing; in fact, math can help strengthen literacy. If your child is exposed to math early on, they will be more likely to excel in math later when they are in their school years. Giving your child the chance to develop their math skills early is one of the most important things you can do to ensure their future success.

Where to buy math and literacy games and toys

At toys2learn, we offer a wide range of math and literacy toys designed with special needs in mind. All children need exposure to these critical early concepts, and the best way to learn is through play. A book such as First 100 Numbers combines math and reading skills with the sensory experience of lifting colourful flaps to discover different numbers. Or choose a fun Cactus Watch to introduce the concept of telling time. We have many educational and fun toys to choose from, so you can find the perfect options for your unique child. With a passion for learning through play and friendly, knowledgeable staff, we can help when it comes to making sure your child has the educational toys they need for optimal development. Contact us to learn more.