Benefits of Chewy Toys for Kids with Autism and Where to Buy Special Needs Toys

Children with autism often chew on clothing and other items. Some have mild chewing needs while others are serious biters. The work of chewing helps relieve stress, but it can also be problematic. Some children find relief from their chewing needs through other activities such as using a jumping board or even doing chores. However, having access to the right chewy toys can provide substantial benefits.

A sensory filter

A sensory filter is something that helps children process the sights, sounds, and smells around them by allowing them to organise and filter the overwhelming sensory input. Chewies that are easily accessible such as those that hang around the neck can provide necessary comfort during stressful times.

Better focus

For many children, chewing can help them focus and concentrate and even perform better academically. For other children, chewing is an unwelcome distraction, though, so choose your chewy toys carefully.

Stronger oral and facial muscles

Some kids require oral motor exercises to strengthen this area, and chewy toys provide a solution. These toys can sometimes even help downplay food aversions because they introduce different textures.

Enhanced speech skills

Chewy toys don’t necessarily impact speech directly, but they can help build oral strength, and this can affect eating, drinking, and speech. A speech therapist can not only provide important activities for improving speech but also recommend an excellent chew toy.

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