Fischertechnik Construction & Robotics

What is Fischertechnik?

With Fischertechnik you can experience technology directly and understand it easily. Discover how the multitude of different components allows you to create continuously new models with innumerable possibilities for variation. From ingenious basic module to refined technical details – everything can be combined – for play fun without limits! Moreover, in the PROFI and ROBOTICS kits: Exciting information included with background information, projects and solutions. Fischertechnik has also been used successfully in schools, education and training for years.

The basic Fischertechnik building block is still unique today allowing attachment on all 6 sides. This "many-sided" block forms the basis for all Fischertechnik construction sets, which are put together according to age and capabilities of the pupils and students.

Entry into the four different product lines is possible at any time. All of this taken together forms a logical concept where one fits with the other. Building block for building block.

It doesn't matter how demanding the models become, because you can always return to the components from other Fischertechnik sets. A comprehensive and easy-to-understand set of assembly instructions helps you with construction and discovery of the fascinating Fischertechnik world. The PLUS set also allows you to play with motion, light and sound.

Fischertechnik has also been used successfully in schools, education and training for years.

Fischertechnik – Understand technology through play!

How it works: Four lines, one idea:

Fishertechnik sets allow children to start with simple sets and build up to advanced robotics and programming by just adding as they go. Building their confidence and encouraging them to explore and grow their skills without the need to change to a different system.

JUNIOR beginning at age 5: Play fun with Fischertechnik starts at the age of five. The red junior line provides the first experience with technology and the way it functions. The motto is learning by playing and building with fast success. 

ADVANCED beginning at age 7: Seven-year olds develop their knowledge and capabilities with the blue line. The models are not only realistic and understandable in their function, but really robust in construction and for playing

PROFI from age 7: The black line, which starts at seven years of age, offers the technicians of tomorrow design construction sets that are very close to reality. Subjects such as mechanics, structural analysis, pneumatics, electrical engineering and regenerative energy for maximum challenges.

ROBOTICS from age 8: If you love your computer, give him Fischertechnik. Using graphic software, which is easy to use, children starting at eight can program and control Fischertechnik models and robots with a computer.

PLUS: Everything to make Fischertechnik complete: Fischertechnik PLUS for electricity, light, motion, sound and more play fun.

Made in Germany

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