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  1. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Beach Buggy 4863


    Summer fun series includes this cool beach buggy with boy, radio and surf board. AGE 4+  
  2. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Surfer with Surf Board 5372


      Hang on here comes a wave. AGE 4+ Arriving October - Available to order  
  3. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Off Road SUV 6889


      At last the sun is shining and it's time to hit the water with Dad. We've packed the kayaks the night before and we are off. The summer fun begins here! Lucky we have our SUV to take the kayaks...
  4. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Bike Trip 6890


    Mum has checked the weather and we are good to go!  We've packed the bikes the night before and we are off. At last we can hit the bike tracks and have some fun. Mum will take the camping gear on...
  5. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Paddle Boat 6675


    Please, please Mummy can we have a ride on the paddle boats! Just one ride! Very cute little set of a paddle boat and child. This set can be put into water to add to the play experience.  Set includes two...
  6. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Camper 6671


    So you want to go on a road trip.  First we need a camper. This one from Playmobil is just the ticket! It has everything you need all pack into on vehicle. Check this out. Sleeps family of four, bedding,...
  7. PLAYMOBIL Summer Whitewater Rafters 6892


    This year the kids are old enough to learn to go white water rafting. Watch our for the rocks! Part of the Playmobil Summer Fun Series.  AGE:  4+ Available October - Available to Order
  8. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Splash Cafe 6672


    It's already luchtime.  After a full morning at the water park you get very hungry. Luckily there is  the Splash Cafe open for lunch.  I can see a table under the awning.  Now I just need to decide what to...
  9. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Water Park Play Area 6670


    When you have enough water play come on over to the play ground area. Start with a climb up to the top to the look out, across the rope bridge to the big red slide,down you go. Don't forget to...
  10. PLAYMOBIL Summer Fun Camping Lodge 6887


    This is not camping! This is Glamping!  If you want to exprience the wildlife but still want comfort this is the set for you! Family log cabin with everything you need and more.  Set includes: Wood cabin, kitchen and accessories,...
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