PLAYMOBIL Treasure Temple w/Guards 4842

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Playmobil Temple with Guards is a real adventure set. With its amazing temple complete with vines and reptiles it it one for the brave. Hunt for treasure, find the secrets of the past or just explore the jungle.

This set includes: 3 explorers, 2 temple guards (scary), giant lizard, sankes, scorpion, spider. The large temple features a pit, rock fall, hidden crystals, and a secret chamber to explore. This is one for the brave boys and ones how love adventure.

Playmobil Treasure Temple with Guards is part of the NEW Playmobil Treasure Hunters Series which includes: Treasure Hunter's Amphibious Truck, Treasure Hunter's Camp with Giant Snake, Treasure Hunters's Boat with Cannon, Treasure Robber's Crawler, Treasure Hunter'with Metal Detector, Templeguard with green Lightweapon, Temple Guard with Orange Lightweapon. (sold separately)
AGE: 4+