METAL EARTH London Tower bridge - 3D Model

METAL EARTH London Tower bridge - 3D Model

METAL EARTH London Tower bridge - 3D Model

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  • Metal Earth Tower Bridge a fair lady to stand the test of time a combined bascule,suspension bridge in London built in 1886–1894.
    A mighty fine Metal Earth  3D Laser Cut Model,A  fascinating Fascinations  construction  toy  model Kit, - Londons  tower bridge.
    Laser Cut from thin sheet metal metal,All you need is to cut and pop out the pieces and connect using the tabs and holes to construct 
    this fine museum  model landmark, london tourist icon  a 3D easy  londons Tower Bridgeto construct ,a Architectural wonder to enjoy
     The Bridge crosses the River Thames close to the Tower of London an iconic symbol of London.London Bridge a must must see tourist stop
     The bridge consists of two bridge towers tied together at the upper level by two horizontal walkways, designed to withstand the horizontal
    tension forces exerted by the suspended sections of the bridge on the landward sides of the towers. The vertical components of the forces
    in the suspended sections and the vertical reactions of the two walkways are carried by the two robust towers. The bascule pivots and
    operating machinery are housed in the base of each tower. The bridge's was painted red, white and blue for Queen Elizabeth II's Silver Jubilee .
  • Gift Envelope Includes - Unassembled Model – Easy to Follow Instructions
  • From Steel Sheets to Museum Quality 3D Model
  • Assembled Size 2.9x1.35x1.35 inches
  • No Glue or Solder Needed
  • Ages 14+

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