Let's Learn Alphabet Board Book

Let's Learn Alphabet Board Book

Let's Learn Alphabet Board Book

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The Bright and familar illustrations in this book are designed to encourage children to learn and talk about the letters of the alphabet. Showing both uppercase and lowercase and featuring more than 280 labelled illustrations, this is an ideal introductionto to the alphabet. 

Explore great ways to introduce children to the basics with the Let's Learn range! With six bright and familiar books, the series helps children learn and identify essential new concepts on topics ranging from animals to numbers - creating vital stepping stones in their early-learning journeys. Each book includes realistic and engaging illustrations that are designed to familiarise children with essential words and characters, providing necessary context while also making learning fun. The series also encourages discussion by prompting children to ask questions like What sound does a cow make? (Let's Learn Animals). What do you wear on your feet? (Let's Learn First Words). And consider interesting facts like... Red is the most popular colour used on flags in the world (Let's Learn Colours).


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