HABA My Very First Game - Little Builders

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 Master builder Matt is the head of the large construction site and there are lots of things to do! He has many plans for the colorful houses that have to be built today. The children help Tim the laborer transport new building blocks from the quarry to the construction sites. Time, however, passes quicker than you might think. Will you finish your houses in time before Matt and Tim's working day is over?

Contents: 1 construction site (= bottom part of game box), 1 play ?gure Matt, head of the construction site, 1 truck with construction worker Tim, 12 building blocks (3 square cubes, 3 cuboids, 3 half cylinder roofs, 3 triangle roofs), 1 sun, 6 building lots, 1 die, Set of game instructions.

Game Type:  allocation game, cooperative game, stacking/construction game

Players: 1 -3

Duration: 10 minutes

AGE 2 years 



Product Number: HA5857