HABA Game - Space Planet

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Bright Baby


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Space... the final frontier! Brave pilots are exploring distant planets and galaxies in their spaceships. Only those who skilfully aim and roll the die will collect enough fuel to continue on their journey to score points at the end and collect the coveted explorer stars. Space Planets is for 2-4 players aged 6 and up. The pack includes 40 planet cards, 4 spaceship cards, 40 fuel crystals, 1 wooden die and a set of instructions. Choose your space ship and then roll the dice to land on a planet card. To keep and explore the planet for special effects you must pay in fuel crystals. If you choose not to explore you will receive the number of fuel crystals from the stockpile. The game ends when a space explorer has collected 5 planet cards and the player with the most explorere stars wins. A great game of risk and logic but keep away from the black hole!

Players 2-4

Ages 5years +

Made in Germany