HABA - Bathing Bliss - Giant Water Maze

Bright Baby


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Can't get much better than this for bath time bliss! The water ball, cheerfully rattling, makes its way through the giant maze. It tumbles over tracks, plops into the seesaw bucket and teeters back out again. Then off it goes, around and out of the spiral curve and over the paddle wheel! For added entertainment, fill the track with water using the watering can, or fill the funnel and then push up the valve and sploosh, the water flows back out again.

The Bathing Bliss Giant Water Maze is flexible in it's design set up, just attach the suction cups and the fun begins! The set includes 1 funnel, 1 spiral curve, 1 seesaw bucket, 1 paddle wheel, 4 tracks, 1 red infant watering can, 1 water ball and 2 balls. The water ball features colourful rattle pearls in the centre and two holes for absorbing water and the watering can can also be used in the sandpit or at the beach. Just look underneath to see its moulded stamp design, perfect for decorating sand creations.

Age: 3+

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