GOTZ Precious Day Elizabeth Doll 46cm

GOTZ Precious Day Elizabeth Doll 46cm SALE

GOTZ Precious Day Elizabeth Doll 46cm

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Precious Day dolls are the perfect playmate or companion doll.

They have beautifully moulded faces, are well proportioned, good skin tone and have deep lashed eyes. They are recognised worldwide for their quality.

The Precious Day range is a 46 cm doll comprising brunette Elizabeth, blond Jessica and amber-haired Julia. There is also a new dress-me-up version who comes in her underwear. These dolls have the Götz beautiful hair and are hard-packed soft bodied dolls with vinyl limbs. They have a sweet friendly face.

Each doll is dressed with style and attention to detail and the clothes are well made and finished just like real clothes. There is also a vast range of clothing to choose from so that you can dress your doll for any occasion.

Precious Day dolls are stuffed firmly with wool and the limbs are made from sculptured vinyl, phthalate free with a turning head and limbs that swivel allowing the dolls to be posed in natural positions, enhancing the development of your child during role playing.

Elizabeth's hair is very easy to style and is especially durable. It can also be washed and dried with a hair dryer (not too hot of course) and even curled.

The eye lashes are tested under standard EN71 testing standards.

AGE 4+

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