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Bright Baby


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A super cute and fun way to make some new friends and learn the alphabet at the same time! Made from wood the Fiesta Crafts ABC Bus includes 26 pieces that have adorable images of children on one side and the corresponding first letter of the childs name in lower and upper case on the back. Children will love these diverse characters who each have their own distinct personality, making the ABC bus perfect for imaginative play and telling stories!

Other ways to play with the bus include spelling out simple words, arranging the tiles alphabetically inside and outside the bus, copying the letters onto paper, grouping them by characteristics or use them as dominoes. Alternatively, you could arrange them letter side up, say a word and ask the child to choose the letter the word starts with. You could even use them as a guessing game by discounting features until you are left with the correct child. So many ways to play!

Made by Fiesta Crafts, a UK company who specialise in manufacturing of high quality award winning fabric educational toys.

AGE: 3+