EVEREARTH Bamboo Noah's Ark Large

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This is a very special gift.

They'll learn about consideration and care for others with traditional stories from the Bible. 

Large Ark with Animals
Comes with pairs of the Bamboo Zebra, Giraffe, Elephant, Tiger, Alligator, Monkey and Doves.
Bamboo and Ply Top.

Using their imagination and creativity can assist children to see the world in a new way. This helps them to become great thinkers. 
Social Skills
Feeling confident about yourself and being able to share your thoughts are essential to children’s development. Play can naturally do that. 
Communication Skills
By role-playing, and interacting with others through play, children can begin to develop their communication skills and start to understand social interaction in a better way. 
Discover the World
Encourages the natural sense of wonder and amazement a child can feel when stimulated by this kind of play. Teaches that learning can be fun!

Extra animals available to add. Sold Separately

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Size: 640 x 260 x 325mm

AGE: 2+