EC Liquicryl People Paint - 500ml- Flesh Tone - Mahogany

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Liquicryl is versatile acrylic matt, water based, gluten & wheat free paint. Formulated especially for the junior classroom, where safe non-toxic thick economical paint is essential. Used for general art and craft creations as well as fabric (non permanent), models, puppets and paper-mache. Sold in 500ml bottles. Paints conforms to AS/NZS ISO8124.3 (the Australian / NZ Toy standard that checks for heavy metals e.g. Lead). This paint is designed to adhere to porous surfaces. As such any 100% or partial cotton clothing that comes in contact with the paint will absorb the colour. After washing there will be some residual colour on the clothing. Washing, sunlight and time are the only things that will remove the colour. Unfortunately there is no set rule for any or all of these elements. The ‘Washable’ aspect refers to the paints ease of cleaning from brushes, hands, paint pots, etc. It is always recommend the use of a non-porous smock to protect clothing because these types of accidents are always a possibility. Flesh Tone paint is ideal for painting different skin colours.

Packaged in recyclable PET bottles.

Available in four skin tones.

Product Number: LC500FTM