THINKFUN Tip Over Game

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The staff at ThinkFun want to encourage children everywhere to realise their full potential by challenging their minds to push farther, probe deeper and think more creatively through game play. They offer a range of award-winning games for children in important stages of growth and learning.

Strategy in Three Dimensions
Your goal is to get the red Tipper Man to the red crate. Set up your game board to match the challenge card and then decide which crates to tip over to create a connected path to the red crate. TipOver helps develop sequential reasoning skills as you learn to look ahead and plan your path to victory!

Includes: Game Grid, 40 ALL NEW Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert with Solutions, Red Tipper Man, 17 Coloured Crates, Game-Go Bag.

Players: single player

AGE 8 -- Adult

Product Number: TN7070