ThinkFun Distraction Game

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The staff at ThinkFun want to encourage children everywhere to realise their full potential by challenging their minds to push farther, probe deeper and think more creatively through game play. They offer a range of award-winning games for children in important stages of growth and learning.

Game of Memory and Hilarious Diversions
Strengthen your memory with this laugh-out-loud card game! Players take turns drawing number cards and remembering a growing sequence of digits. Draw a Distraction card and you must answer a quirky question before reciting the numbers in order! Get caught repeating the sequence incorrectly and collect the cards ? the first player to run out of cards wins. Distraction is the perfect way for anyone young or old to improve memory through loads of laughter and fun. Quirky questions keep the whole family engaged for laugh out loud fun! Strengthens working memory and improves recall.
Includes: 1 Deck of 54 Round Number Cards and 1 Deck of 50 Rectangular Distraction Cards with 100 Distraction Questions.

Skill:  Word and Language
Players: 2 or more

AGE 8+