ThinkFun Knot so Fast Game

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The staff at ThinkFun want to encourage children everywhere to realise their full potential by challenging their minds to push farther, probe deeper and think more creatively through game play. They offer a range of award-winning games for children in important stages of growth and learning.

The Hands-On Knot Tying Race Game
Players earn points by being first to correctly tie the knot shown on each challenge card. The rules are simple, but a few clever twists even the playing field for beginners and experts to play together. Players must think with their hands and exercise spatial skills. Great for scouts and sailors of all ages, and for anyone who enjoys a hands-on challenge!

Includes: Tug-o-War Scorekeeper, 4 Ropes, 4 Rings, 30-Second Game Timer, 40 Challenge Cards from Beginner to Expert.

Skill:  Visual Perception and Reasoning

Players: 1 - 4

AGE 8 - Adult