NEW CLASSIC TOYS Gantry Container Crane

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Children will discover how the exciting world of a container port works. Be the captain of this ship and sail your containers across the seas to the other side of the world.

At the port this massive crane operates every day, loading and unloading the heaviest containers. Features a container crane that is designed to load, unload and move the containers from the Port range container ship and container truck.

It is a wonderful range that is something different.  Children will love loading and unloading the ships onto the trucks. Then loading the ships again. Sets will give many years of happy play.

The range includes: tug boat, container ship, container truck, forklift, loading crane, gantry container crane, extra containers and ferry boat. All sold separately.

Price for Orange Crane Set

SIZE L57cm x H36cm x D28cm

AGE 3+

Product Number: ARTINCT930