GOTZ Sleepy Aquini Bath Doll Set Girl 33cm

GOTZ Sleepy Aquini Bath Doll Set Girl 33cm

GOTZ Sleepy Aquini Bath Doll Set Girl 33cm

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Gotz has been producing not only dolls but friends to their customers for over 60 years. The Dolls accessories are designed and developed in Germany and keep up with the latest trends in fashion.  These dolls can be dressed up or dressed down. played with indoors or outdoors, used in summer or winter any time is suitable time for playing with a Gotz doll. These dolls are fashion manufactured to a high standard and are dressed with an amazing sense of style. The high quality assures secure toys and good quality accessories. Top in doll fashion and craftsmenship assure long time play and creativity with our accessories such as prams, doll furniture etc. The dolls stimulate children's creativity through roll playing and helps support children's development.

The Sleepy Aquini Girl Gotz Doll is 13 inches, this infant doll is part of an adorable 9 piece set that includes a bath tub, towel, pacifier, diaper, bottle and sponge. The doll is designed to play in water, The aquini waterproof dolls are a lovely introduction to the world of dolls for young children.

AGE 3+

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