DISCOVERY KIDS Microscope 150x

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Includes slides, tools and accessories for collecting and creating specimens 50X 100X 150X magnification Microscope in a 40 piece set with electric illumination Your microscope is an instrument with a series of lenses for making very small objects appear much larger. There are many tiny plants, animals and objects that can be seen more easily when magnified. Features:1 x microscope 2 x prepared slides 6 x blank slides 12 x statical slide covers 12 x blank labels  2 x collecting vials 1 x needle/probe 1 x petri dish with magnifier 1 x 3/6 X magnifying glass 1 x tweezers  1 x manual Things you may also need for making slides that are not included with this set: Transparent glue coloured dye.

Age 8+

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