Cayro Games - Pirates Adventure Gam

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Which team of shipwrecked pirates will arrive first to the island and will build a pirate ship to continue on with their adventures?

Two pirate ships have been shipwrecked and its crew has to get to an island that they see in the distance and try to build a new ship to be able to return home. However, getting to the island will not be that easy. They will have to overcome different fun tests to get their hands on golden coins. They will fight against sharks that want to get hold of their treasure and will come across enchanting mermaids who will help them in their adventure.

The purpose of the game is to become the first team to reach the island, in order to be able to continue with their adventures.

A game with a gigantic board where the kids are the playing chips!

Draw, mimic, define, build - all of these challenges make this game one to remember!