BRUDER - Bworld Fireman with helmet, gloves and accessories

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Product details

  • The fireman is immediately ready for use thanks to his protective clothing and equipment consisting of uniform, helmet with visor and gloves. He always has a fire extinguisher with him that he can use quickly to prevent a fire from spreading. If the fireman can?t deal with the blaze himself, then he can call for backup on his radio. BRUDER Spielwaren has various vehicles and extras to be able to recreate a big fire brigade procedure


    • fire extinguishers
    • gloves
    • helmet with sight
    • radio device
    • fireman in uniform
    • likeable character with an impression that is as realistic as possible - just like the real thing - the credo of the Pro series is the standard here as well


    • 3-dimensional moveable limbs and head
    • hands can grasp objects or hold onto vehicles
  •  AGE: 4 +
Product Number: B60100