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A Mensa award winner and 20+ other awards, Blokus classic promotes healthy brain activity and challenges spatial thinking.

Improve your creative thinking with this strategy board game for all from 5 to 99 years of age!

The game is simple to understand and maintains it challenge once you begin to play. A game of connection, Blokus is one of those rare games that is addictive, very often there's a desire to play "just once more". There's something about a really clever play that blocks your opponents while opening up lots of future moves that is very satisfying. In fact, that really sums up Blokus—very satisfying.

Blokus has come up with number of different ways to play the game, so it never gets boring. The Blokus game includes a game board with 400 squares, an instruction guide and 84 pieces in 4 great colors.

Customer Reviews

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Hannah Martin-Brown
Hannah Martin-Brown

This game is simple to learn but tricky to master. The colours look amazing when they're layed out on the board and it's so fun to find the perfect place for a piece and hear the groans of your opponents because you have taken the one place they wanted. It's great, it's tense and it makes you think hard about the pattern layout and what you can do with what you have.


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