BIG-POWER Worker Ambulance

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If a toy figure is hurt or ill it can be taken quickly and conveniently by BIG-Power-Worker Ambulance to the next toy hospital. The toys will find there is sufficient room on the comfortable stretchers and they can be loaded onto the robust vehicle by opening the back door. No matter what the nature of terrain on the way to the hospital the BIG-Power-Worker Ambulance can cope with every challenge along the way on account of its large wheels. It can be washed down in the shower after its off-road adventures.

The design of the new ambulance in the BIG Power Worker line is specially designed around the size of little hands. Its robust construction and easy to operate functions make it an ideal toy vehicle for children aged 2 and above. The durable tyres made of a soft material ensure your child will enjoy plenty of carefree playtimes both indoors and out.           

DIMENSIONS 31 x 20 x 26 cm

AGE 2+