The Benefits of Sand Play and Where to Buy Beach Toys and Outdoor Games in Australia

Sand play is a wonderful way to provide children with the unstructured playtime they need. Whether they’re digging, sifting, burying, or building, sand offers endless opportunities for exploration and learning. As kids play in the sand on their own and with others, they develop fine motor skills by engaging in tasks such as using small shovels and pulling trucks. Burying themselves or others in sand teaches them about their bodies relative to space, while writing words in the sand helps them learn language and literacy skills. Sand play can also help kids develop social skills such as sharing, communication, and problem-solving. Children learn teamwork and cooperation as they work together to achieve a common goal such as building a sandcastle together.

An independent play experience

One of the advantages of sand play is the opportunity for independent play. A contained area such as a sandbox allows parents to supervise from a short distance and give kids a chance to play alone, building confidence and trust through casual, temporary separation. If children feel safe, short solo play sessions can minimise separation anxiety and promote healthy attachment between parent and child. Sand play is also great for helping kids learn about textures. Sand is a new and unique texture to explore, from the way it feels on the skin to how it contrasts with the textures of things such as grass, concrete, and wood.

Sand play safety

Just as with any toys and games, sand play toys require certain precautions to ensure a happy and safe playtime. If you are visiting a beach, go to one that’s known to enforce rules about littering. Also, find out where your play sand comes from; avoid sand made from crystalline silica and ground limestone. Look for natural sand, which won’t produce dust. When choosing a sandbox, look for a plastic model, which will generally be safer than wood, and keep it covered when not in use to prevent animals from investigating. Rake the sand regularly to keep it dry and clean, and make sure your child washes their hands after sand play. Finally, remember sunscreen when playing with any outdoor games or toys.

Where to buy beach toys in Australia

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