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How Puppets Help Children with Special Needs and Where to buy Puppets in Australia

Puppets are an outstanding tool when it comes to helping children with special needs learn through play. It isn’t hard to see why puppets are used so frequently with these children. Kids have an incredible capacity for imagination, making their puppet play rich and engaging. When children interact with puppets, they relate to the characters and tend to see a bit of themselves in them. They respond differently to puppets than they do to real people or even realistic images.

Puppets can be fun and educational, but they are especially helpful for children with disabilities. Some kids become frightened easily, and puppets tend to be small and non-threatening, allowing children to focus on the essential parts such as the mouth or eyes. There are specially-designed puppets used in therapies for kids with special needs; these puppets tend to be very simple in appearance but made with a focus on specific teaching purposes.

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