Pretend Play

The Importance of Imagination and Where to Buy Pretend Play Toys in Australia

Children learn the most by imagining and doing. Kids pretend all the time; they pretend stones are zooming cars, pretend building bricks are hopping bunnies, and much more. Pretend play is fun, but it’s more than that. It helps children build essential skills and traits in many areas.

Social and emotional skills

When kids engage in pretend play, they can experiment with social and emotional roles. Cooperative play teaches skills such as taking turns, sharing, and problem-solving. As children pretend to be different characters, they learn empathy and moral development. Pretend games also helps kids build confidence.

Language skills

If you listen in as your child is engaged in imaginative play, you’ll likely hear some phrases and words you weren’t aware they knew. You may also hear some of your own words reflected in their dialogue. This kind of imitation helps your child harness the power of language and strengthen their skills.

Critical thinking

When kids use pretend play toys in Australia, they may encounter a variety of problem-solving opportunities. Whether two children both want to be the same character or they’re trying to figure out which building blocks work best for the roof of the barn, your child must exercise critical thinking skills to solve the problem – and these skills remain important for a lifetime.

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