Miniland Dolls

We love Miniland dolls and they are one of our best sellers. Through the art of play when children engage with them, the dolls foster diversity and understanding.

Learn about Miniland Dolls

Miniland is an educational toy brand from Spain and hand makes all their dolls.

Miniland dolls have become an important tool that assist with children's emotional and social learning. The dolls are all anatomically correct, articulated limbs and a delightfully light scent.

Our range of Miniland Dolls

Miniland offers a range of dolls that represent our multicultural world with dolls representing cultural diversity. A new range of Down’s Syndrome dolls aid in spreading awareness and acceptance at a new level.

Beyond the dolls is a range of clothing and accessories designed to enhance the hands on experience. We stock everything from pyjamas and play suits to winter outfits. There is sure to be a Miniland outfit that you will love as much as we do. Miniland dolls come in 21cm and 38cm, are artfully boxed to present the doll to the new owner.

Boxed dolls come dressed in underwear We also supply both male and female dolls in all the ethnic ranges, fully undressed and in poly bags if that is what you require.

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