We have so many new toys coming into the store, something to inspire, engage and get your children learning from play.

We have been to the Melbourne fair. Both Jodie and Carol attended and Carol found it overwhelming with so much to see. 

However we met with many suppliers and saw new products and many consistent favorites, so keep an eye on our new arrivals through to Christmas.

We are bringing more Magformers into the store and have some fabulous sets on order. Magformers are great for girls and boys 

Magformers are bright, colourful and fun educational shapes.

Each piece contains encapsulated 360 degree rotating magnets that always rotate to attract to the magnet encapsulated in the next shape.

Rather than the usual stacking or interlocking block, Magformers can be connected in any direction in 3D. This is due to the powerful rotating magnets encapsulated within deliberately placed contact points within each piece!

Magformers are easy to assemble and disassemble when compared to blocks that insert or interlock to assemble.

Magformers pieces are not designed only for stacking purposes like normal blocks, they are designed to demonstrate amazing connecting power regardless of their direction!

In 2016, the Magformers Creative Set won the prestigious Australian Educational Product of the Year Award, so this added to the many, many other awards prove it is a robust good toy for children.

You may have seen recent advertising for toys that look almost the same but are alot cheaper and you would expect therefore lower quality.

The most important reason to not purchase these imitation toys is your child’s safety.

Never let your children play with magnetic toys where the magnets might come loose, or with loose magnets.

Genuine Magformers are subjected to regular safety testing to ensure the pieces are made to a very high standard, so that the small magnets are encapsulated safely and will not come loose even with a reasonable level of abuse during play.

The Magformers sold through the Toys2Learn  are genuine Magformers and have therefore been safety tested to the relevant International and Australian Toy Safety Standards.

It is simply not worth the risk to buy fake products. This is especially the case for toys containing magnets!

Come in and see our range of Magformers from the basic sets up to the LED and Tech sets.

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