Don't Forget Dad, we have lots of ideas to make gift finding easy.

Come in and look at the wonderful ideas we have for Fathers Day.  Here are our top 10

1. Luna Telescope - Has Dad been inspired by the total eclipse? This could be the thing for him, Look at all the craters on the moon and much more with this 76/300 telescope.  $149.95 


2. Playforever Bruno Racing Car, and motorbikes These beautiful Cars motor bikes and planes are the heirlooms of the future and we mostly sell them to Dads and Granddads who see them and then want them. $99.95



3.  Periodic Table Mug  one for the science buff or Geek in your life $12.95

4. Fitzroy's Storm Glass  A  beautiful weather forecasting device developed by Admiral Robert FitzRoy and used on his voyage with Charles Darwin. The liquid inside crystallises spectacularly in response to changes in air pressure. $24.95                                                           

5. Large Dinosaur Kit Build your own and have fun with the kids at the same time. $29.95

6. Small Dinosaur Kit  This Pteranadon kit is great for the child looking to buy Dad a gift with their pocket money.  A wooden kit that makes your own. This set takes approximately 30 minutes to build and is 30cm long when complete. $5.95

7. Fischertecknics Any Dad is going to love this construction range from basic to robotics. From $19.95

8. Folkmanis Hand Puppets Lots of Dads have bought these wonderful puppets not only to play with the kids but to use as covers on their golf clubs.


9. Catan board game. This game is sweeping the world, easy to play and lots of fun $79.95

10. 4D puzzles we have lots of these and include cities or periods in history. Something different for Dad.

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