Wooden and Educational Toys Enjoy Rebirth and Here’s why

Wooden and Educational toys are re-entering our consciousness even as technological advancements continue to race forward. Despite a world in which electronic devices like tablets, smartphones and video games are a normal part of childhood, wooden toys are becoming more and more popular. Why are wooden toys and other classic toys like Playmobil enjoying a renaissance?

Why Would a Child Play with a Wooden Toy Instead of an I-pad?

Whilst we have concerns for the generation brought up on iPads, we can understand why they are so popular. They are engaging, intuitive and offer a huge range of media with just a few clicks or swipes. With that in mind, it seems a little strange that wooden toys are making a comeback, especially when they seem very old fashioned and antiquated in today’s digitally charged world. On 2015’s Toy Retailers’ Association Christmas list, there were two traditional wooden toys, Shopkins Assorted Collectibles and Pie Face indicating a real shift in how we view playtime for our kids. Other traditional toys and games are also enjoying a major resurgence, with trivial pursuit, Playmobil and jigsaws seeing increased sales.

Nostalgia Trip or Something More?

Part of the reason for this increase in popularity is parents and grandparents buying their children the toys of their own childhood. Perhaps they want their children to enjoy toys that are simpler, safer and more wholesome than electronic gadgets. Wooden toys are also being enjoyed for their construction quality. There is something attractive about a well-crafted wooden jigsaw puzzle, wooden toy horse, wooden xylophone or dominoes set. They are like artisanal pieces that are valued for the way the way they are made, the way they feel in your hand, just as much as the playtime they facilitate.  Strangely enough, the more we advance into the digital age, we more reclaim traditional ways of doing things – not out of necessity but for the sheer joy of it. We find joy in well-crafted items like wooden toys made with love, effort and that are built to last. As our world becomes more transient and less permanent, we return to old favourites that endure. This applies especially to wooden toys by the likes of Orchard Games and old favourites like Lego, Scalextric and Playmobil.

More and more parents are choosing to buy quality wooden toys as well as high quality games form the likes of Orchard Games because they facilitate fun family time. Video games and tablets do not encourage families to spend time together, but traditional games like trivial pursuit, monopoly, and fun educational board games from Orchard Games do.

Educational Toys and Games Pick up Pace

Educational toys and games are becoming more sophisticated with games being increasingly designed for specific areas of a child’s development, including cognitive, motor, communication, empathy etc. A lot of these toys and games made by manufacturers like Orchard Games are wooden toys.

Parents are becoming more aware of how they can help children with their personal development from a young age. Perhaps they are also aware that a childhood of iPads and video games isn’t particularly healthy and that a return to more traditional playtimes is a positive step towards a more balanced upbringing.

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