Turn off that screen!!

Why you should spend less time on devices

In a fast paced world we rarely take time out to stop and share some family time around the table. No phones, no TV, no screens. We complain about the kids, and parents not communicating. But as parents and grandparents maybe we are going about it the wrong way. Maybe we need to give our children, big and small a better option than to sit and stare at a screen. Resurrect the traditional family board games night!.

Finding the right game for my children

Having an adult son with ASD who has never liked board games and just never got it. Cards against Humanity was recommended. Last week for the first time we gave this game a go. Wow, he got it! This game comes with a warning, over 18's only and for very broad minded people who don't take is seriously. Quirky, silly, outrageous, perfect for the group we were playing with. Next night was 'are we playing again tonight Mum?' So it goes to show you just need to find the right game for your tribe to enjoy.

Toys for all ages

Next on the list will be 'Mad King Ludwig's Castle' Although Toys2learn stocks a large range of games for all ages we are expanding with another 100 game titles on the way for Christmas. These will cover ages 2 years - 110 years and all in between. This Christmas when you can't decide what to get a couple of teenage kids from the same family why not consider purchasing a game for all the family to play?

Board games are for everyone

Board games can bring all the generations together for many hours of fun. Now to choose which one to get! Happy board gaming from Jodie and the crew at Toys2learn!


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