Top 10 STEM ideas for you. Our best STEM toys and games.

STEM is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, not a new idea but one that is seen as having increasing importance for today's children.  STEM teaches the four disciplines in a cohesive and integrated way.   Our knowledge of how  children and adults learn has increased over the last few decades. We understand that success in learning requires the learner to be at the center of the experience, making connections across disciplines and also across contextual settings. Children need to be presented opportunities to learn the same material in different settings and different ways. 

The Australian Government has recognized the importance of this learning and has committed an extra budget to increase student uptake of STEM subjects in both primary and secondary schools.  To do this they are looking at a more innovative mathematics curriculum, introducing computer coding across different year levels and developing access to summer schools.

Our top 10 STEM products that make great gifts are: 

HEEBIE JEEBIES Clip Circuit Electrolab

The next step in the Clip Circuit range, the Eletrolab features the same no-solder construction and coloured components that show how current flows. The included manual details 80 educational experiments.

MAGFORMERS Walking Robot

Click, connect, create! Kids will love following along with the step-by-step idea booklet to discover the possibilities of the Walking Robot Set. Build 8 walking characters using our STEAM engine block and walking accessories.

Meccano multi model 10 

What they say about this product Builds 10 models. 1 model can be built at a time. Tools and assembly instructions included. Parts: 260+  For children from 8 years old.

MECCANO Super Construction Set

  • 5 BUILDING MODELS - Let your child build 1 of 25 different construction vehicles (models can be built one at a time). Parts can be used to rebuild a helicopter, a buggy crane and much more or kids can mix match pieces for an original design.
  • REAL WORKING VEHICLE - Build a motorized crane and bring it to life with the 6V electrical motor. Play with its rotary body and extendable hook!
  • STEM TOY: For over a hundred years, Meccano has been promoting children's STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning as they build and play
  • The Meccano Super Construction Set is made for children ages 8+.
  • Includes: 640 + parts, 6V electrical motor, 1 carrying plastic case with storage compartments, 2 real tools, 1 instruction sheet

Fischertechniks Advanced Racer Set

Fishertechniks the range that goes from construction to Robotics!

Made in Germany.

 The fast and attractive Racers with functional steering bring action into the children's room. Thanks to the new design parts, there are a variety of ways to customize the flicker

  • age 7+

WEDGITS Buillding Set Imagination 15 pc

These fun and challenging, multi-dimensional building sets can be nested, stacked, linked and wedged together to create hundreds on designs. Encouraging imagination, creativity and group participation, WEDGiTS offer endless hours of creative challenge and entertaining fun.
AGE 2 - 9 Years


Fischertechniks PROFI 520400 Eco Energy

How can ecological electric power be produced? "Renewable energies" will become our most important suppliers of energy in the future. Production, storage and use of electricity from natural energy sources such as water, wind and the sun are graphically illustrated using various models and numerous experiments. These two new solar modules not only guarantee more power; the many new attachment possibilities ensure flexible use in the models. The Gold Cap included for power storage can release the stored power at a slower rate. This helps children understand energy forms of the future. The "Fuel Cell Kit“ (Art. No.: 520401) offers an ideal addition. With this expansion construction set, you can build other models and operate them with a fuel cell.

• Incl. instructional activity booklet

• Incl. solar motor (2V), 2x solar modules (1V; 400 mA), Gold Cap power storage device, LED, ON/OFF switch 

Think Fun Robot Turtles

A Fun Way to Learn to Code!
This amazing new game from ThinkFun sneakily teaches pre-schoolers the fundamentals of programming, from coding to functions, while making silly turtle noises! Takes seconds to learn, minutes to play and provides endless learning opportunities. Before you know it, your little one will be writing computer games rather than just playing them! 


Game Board 
40 Game Tiles 
4 Robot Turtle Tiles 
4 Jewel Tiles
4 Code Card Decks (45 Cards Each)

AGE 4+

SCIENCE WIZ Cool Circuits

Solve puzzles. Create circuits and activate flashing lights. No wonder Games Magazine awarded Cool Circuits 2013 Puzzle of the Year!

Just choose a puzzle card showing a completed circuit, then using the 8 3D fluorescent circuit pieces, complete the circuit as it is shown on the card. And if you're correct... buzz, buzz, buzz - the board lights up iridescent blue!

With 40 puzzle challenges of increasing difficulty, the task is not as easy as it sounds. Can you complete all 40 circuits and master the game?

Have fun learning about electrical circuits while developing spatial reasoning and abstract thinking skills.

Age: 8 +


 Since scientists realized that our modern lifestyle is the major cause of global warming, they started to seek ways to substitute fuels with more clean energy sources, such as Solar energy. One application which will soon become a reality is that of solar cars. Young inventors can now experiment with this technology using this hybrid engino set. Engino models can run either with solar energy or with battery power! This set also includes a 20-page booklet with building instructions for 6 models.
Suitable from 6 yrs+


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