Online Toy Store: Janod and Corolle Two Spectacular French Toy Companies

Sometimes the Europeans just do it better. The French have an enviable history of toy making. French companies like Corolle and Janod have an illustrious history of making toys and dolls that are superbly crafted and appear more to be artisans than toy makers. When a company makes toys that go on to be collectors’ items, you know you can trust them. Here’s an insight into why these two French toy makers have become the best in the business, and why we at toys2learn stock them.


 Janod Toys

Mass production and cost cutting must be foreign concepts to this esteemed toy maker. Known for high quality, Janod Toys is based in Senay in Eastern France. It is located next to the forest of Jura, where it gets the wood for its manufacturing process.

Their ranges include role playing toys, learning toys, building sets and toy caves. The traditional wooden toys are extremely well made with love, care and attention to detail. Amongst this year’s favourites are traditional wooden cars, castle playsets, farmyard playsets, planes, wooden guitars and other instruments. Janod Toys also offer educational board games that stimulate cognitive development and creativity, as well as fun family time.

 Janod Toys even has a boutique collection of extremely high quality toys and games. Wooden toys are a constant favourite with Janod and this beautiful French brand is much loved the world over for their stunning toys and games that bring a traditional and timeless element into your children’s playtime.

 Corolle Dolls

Only in France could a doll maker be held in the same regard as a watchmaker or fashion house. Corolle Dolls are the equivalent of Chanel handbag or Patek Philippe watch. Based in the fairy-tale setting of France’s Loire valley, Corolle Dolls has been making the highest quality dolls for over 3 decades. Corolle Dolls are designed to be as lifelike as possible with brushable and even washable hair. They are designed to be anatomically correct and even with a natural baby scent. Whilst many Corolle Dolls go on to be collectors’ items, they are designed to used, played with and loved.

 With a range of different Corolle Dolls available from birth to 4years +, there is a doll that is right for every stage of your little’s girls childhood. This year’s collection includes some fantastic dolls including the Les Cheries range for girls aged 4 and up. Check out the Cara Christmas Tales dolls, a beautiful 36cm Corolle Doll with long brown brushable hair and cute outfit. Also check out our fantastic Horse Rider Set, which will really capture the imagination of your little girl.

 Corolle Dolls also make a superb range of strollers, prams and other accessories to enhance the experience. Browse our site and see what Corolle Dolls appeal to you. They really are pieces of art and crafted with love, care and attention to detail which is why we are proud to stock and sell them to the Australian market.

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