Kids Educational Toys

We all want to encourage our kids to play and have fun. But something we don’t always consider is if their play time is educational. For small children learning is crucial, and it should be a component of all play times. Learning new concepts, words and developing hand eye coordination and cognitive ability can all be part of play time. All you need is the right toys and games. Here are some great ideas to get your little ones on the right track. You can trust that that they are both fun and educational.

Playmobil is a much loved Classic

Playmobil is a much loved classic game. It is like Lego but Playmobil has pieces that are larger. They come in a great range of different sets and themes. This year’s range includes a farm set complete with tractors, silos, barns, cows, sheep, pigs and more. Put all the pieces together and build your own farm!  It is a great way for children to learn how to put things together and it also inspires their creativity. The pieces are interchangeable, meaning that you can take pieces form one Playmobil get and use them another.

Other Play Mobil sets include the Catamaran set. Your child can put together a catamaran, complete with sails and dolphins. Playmobil is great for kids playing by themselves, with friends or with Mum and Dad! Ideal for boys and girls, it is also suitable for a wide age range. Like Lego, some people never grow out of it!


Janod Wooden Toys

Some of the best toys are the oldest. Wooden toys are making a big comeback and Janod toys are leading the way with some fantastic high quality toys and games. This is a French company with a long history of making traditional wooden toys. These toys are very well built and this year’s range offers a lot for the young budding musicians out there. Check out the Janod Confetti Accordion, Janod Confetti Drum and Janod Confetti Harmonica. These top quality instruments are built to last and will inspire you child’s musical creativity. They even offer guitars, ukuleles, xylophones tambourines and more. Check out Janod’s fantastic range of musical toys here. Mum and Dad can play along too!

Toys For Boys and Girls

With Janod toys, it’s not just about music though. Their strong and sturdy wooden toys include gardening sets, cooking sets, firetrucks, DIY trolleys, workbenches and jigsaws. If all of that sounds a bit too boyish, then check out Janod Toys range of girls and unisex magnetic books. Janod’s magnetic books inspire kids’ creativity and gets them designing with magnets. Each magnetic book has its own theme, including Mosaic Flower, Funny Faces, Fashion, Seasons, Vehicles, Robots, Dinosaurs, Alphabet and more. Thanks to Janod Toys, children can hone their artistic skills in a fun way. Check out these awesome magnetic books here.

Janod Toys

 Why do we Stock Janod and Playmobil?

We stock these great brands because they are great fun to play with and help develop a child’s hand eye coordination, cognitive ability and inspire creativity and self-expression. Both Playmobil toys and Janod’s wooden toys are superb quality and are built to last, which can’t be said of many toy manufacturers these day.


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