Board games benefits mental health and fitness

Do you make sure you help your child cover every aspect of growing? Ensuring a balance of studies, outdoor activities, socialising, entertainment and exercise? What about mental health and fitness? Mental health and fitness is just as important as good diet and exercise, to be healthy. Exercising your brain and keeping it fit helps keep mental diseases away.

One way to boost mental fitness is board games. They are engaging, fun and at the same time boosts your mental fitness. Board games have the ability to turn a boring winter afternoon into a heated competitive atmosphere. It helps families connect and bond over teasing and competition. It’s a brain workout that brings excitement and shrills into the game.

For young children board games help brain and social development. They acquire decision making skills, reasoning, critical thinking and logical processing skills. They also gain cognitive and spatial reasoning. Playing board games help with learning social and communication skills as well. It helps improve problem solving and attention skills by making a child concentrate and focus for longer periods of time. 

In adults board games also helps lower stress and blood pressure. It is a great way to keep metal diseases at bay. A February 2019 study titled “Examining Couple Recreation and Oxytocin Via the Ecology of Family Experiences Framework” was published in the Journal of Marriage and Family and found that when couples play board games or take a painting class together, their bodies release oxytocin. This helps strengthen their relationship while making them happy and energised. 

For the mentally and physically disabled playing games can be therapeutic and improves one’s mood, which may result in a higher level of confidence and optimism. It activates the brain and provides sharpness and alertness.

Board games help all ages connect and have fun. It is a mental exercise that is must in today's fast paced lifestyle.


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